Global Culture International was created to promote the exchange of ideas, meaning, and values across national borders. This can only be established through the formation of shared norms and interconnectedness among different people and cultures. Through international travel, education, and the arts, GCI and our partners hope to encourage the next generation of global citizens to engage in social relations outside their own national borders.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Mission

    To encourage cultural understanding through international travel, education, and the arts.
  • Professional Service

    Both GCI and our partners are dedicated to serving all of our client’s needs in a professional manner.
  • Quality Programs

    GCI prides itself on creating the high quality programs that will not only meet our client’s request, but well beyond.

“I changed my way of thinking of studies and life. My host family and teacher taught me how to make life simple and easy. I want to go to an American college when I finish high school.”

Manqi – GCI Student